As he began the transition from corporate life to recruiting and advisory services Mac noticed that there were few, if any, recruiters who actually “showed up” in the local real estate community. He also felt that fees charged and exclusive agreements required by industry recruiters were particularly onerous. So when he founded MacMillan Associates Consulting he decided to keep his business small and connected so that he could provide non-exclusive agreements with reasonable fees based only on successful search for, and placement of, the candidate best suited to your needs.

Personal, individualized service

Another hallmark of working with MacMillan Associates Consulting is the high level of personalized, individualized service you receive. Mac prides himself on making every call and conducting every prescreening interview. Whenever possible he meets with and vets every candidate in person. He also prefers to meet with the hiring manager and anyone involved in the hiring decision in person. Every transaction is personally nurtured by him, from start to satisfactory completion and beyond.

MacMillan Associates Consulting services include:


We recruit for all levels of management – up to the C-suite – within commercial real estate companies.

  • We are focused on matching talent with opportunity
  • We capitalize on our established relationships with industry professionals, key executives and decision makers
  • We draw from a pool of talent developed through a current and informed knowledge of the central Puget Sound marketplace and decades of experience

Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation ● Succession Planning ● Needs assessment

We are able to respond to your organizational needs including:

  • Assisting in evaluating key positions and making recommendations
  • Determining what positions meet all of the corporate objectives for future growth and profitability
  • Conducting interviews necessary to gain knowledge of your company culture and conduct of business
  • Evaluating growth and succession plans
  • Acting as advisor to any or all of the management team on matters pertaining to staffing or related issues

Individual Career Development and Coaching

Whether just entering the marketplace or transitioning into another phase, we can help:

  • Provide insight and perspective in evaluating and/or redefining your place in the industry
  • Assist with your personal business development, establishing goals and market awareness
  • Develop an effective resume and bio tailored to your target opportunity
  • Provide mock interviews and ongoing advice during the interview process

We will develop a scope of work tailored to your needs and be with you through your search process and success.